Just like your car, your website needs a parking space and the more secure that space is the better. As a website hosting company we can deliver a service to our clients on any level, whether you’re a local hair salon or an international insurance company. We provide secure website hosting on our own servers with hourly off site back-ups, these servers use the latest system software to ensure maximum loading speed which can be up to 16 times faster than typical third party hosting.

Expertly engineered. Secure, fast and, reliable UK hosting. On fast SSD storage that has hourly off-site backups. It comes with a free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt. Hosting is WordPress ready. Email has spam and anti-virus protection on, by Spam Experts.

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Terms & Conditions: We can’t promise 100% uptime due to any technical errors that might come up that are beyond our control. The quotas (inc. prices) above may increase or decrease at any point, we’ll give 60 days notice if this is due to happen. If we notice you are using your hosting in a harmful or malicious way, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account without notice, we may give you warnings before the event of any suspension or termination.  If your account goes above the quota, your account may be suspended, you’ll be notified when you’re close to the quota limit to prevent the account being suspended. All listed prices exclude VAT, VAT will be added at 20%.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

To access your cPanel, please add /cpanel or :2083 onto the end of your domain/website address, for example: or

To access your WebMail, please add /webmail or :2096 onto the end of your domain/website address, for example: or